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Things you need to know

Once you, will arrive in Santorini, you have two options of exploring it. The first option is to buy one of the cruise ship’s bus tour that keep rushing you during the whole tour OR having a private tour where you can explore the island at your own pace, privacy and with a professional tour guide’s experience managing all to the finest detail just for you.

Santorini’s steep volcanic cliffs do not allow the large cruise boats to dock. The port is not deep enough. Therefore, you will be docking out in the open near the Old Port of Fira Town. From there tender boats will be coming to get you & transport you to the island.

There are 2 ports the tender boats will bring you in, depending on the tour you will choose. If you buy the cruise ship’s tour, you will be taken to Athinios Port, that is the busiest port of Santorini as it is the main port. In Athinios port the ferries can dock as they are smaller than your cruise ship and usualy on the time of your arrival there are two ferries in the port already and it is realy crowded from the people that are traveling with the ferries, with their cars and commercial trucks that carry supplies to Santorini and then return back to Pireaus port in Athens. To that add the local buses and taxis plus the buses waiting for the cruise ship passengers for the tour. Once you get to the bus, your bus driver will drive you uphill to a snake shape road for about 15-30 minutes depending on the traffic, and that is only to get to tha main road.

If you are taking a santorini private tour, the tender boats will bring you to the Old Port. A traditional harbour with no cars or buses or motor vehicle! You just take the cable car and ride up to Fira town, beautiful experience with a breathtaking view all the way up in less than 10 minutes! Fira is the capitol of the island. Your tour guide will wait for you at the top of the cable car [can be arranged to meet you down at the Old Harbour upon request] with a sign with your name on it, to take you to the closesed car access point so you can start your wonderful tour.